Monday, December 20, 2010

The Parasites Gather

On January 18th, a group called Utah Health Policy will hold a meeting on implementing Obamacare on January 10, 2011 at the University of Utah (and satellite locations across the state.

When I first read the announcement, I thought the public meeting would solicit ideas from the public on health policy.

Being an optimist a complete idiot, I actually started gathering information on the Medical Savings and Loan to bring to the meeting to see if I could find any interest in the concept.

On reading deeper into the site, my heart sank. I actually felt physically ill when I read the Myth v. Fact page of the project.

This group simply dismissed the Tea Party and the 2010 elections as myth.

I went to the tea parties, I spent a year closely following the anti-Obamacare movement. The Myth-v-Fact page completely mischaracterizes the tea party and utterly misinterprets the election. Using a myth-v-facts pages to spread myths is a classic Marxian style paradox, I imagine the web site creators are quite proud of themselves.

This biggest myth spread by the myth-v-fact page is the notion that insurance is the only way to fund health care. It is the way we fund health care today because government tax policy gives employer based insurance unfair advantage.

The current health care mess was created by the very progressives who are now stuffing Obamacare down our throat.

There is some truth to the myth page. For example Obamacare is not pure socialism, while participants in the tea party tend to call it socialism. Obamacare is not pure socialism. In pure socialism, the means of production are owned by the state.

A system national policy implemented through large politically connected firms might better be called "Fascism."

Obamacare is one of the many offshoots of the Marxian tradition and is counter to the free society created by the US founders.

The one part of the myth v. facts page that every patriot should read is the section on the role of states in Obamacare. This section points out that Obamacare is dependent on the states. It reads:

Health reform is designed to be a partnership between the state and federal governments, as it should be."

First off, this idea of states implementing the policies dictated by the Federal Government is not "the way it should be." The Utah Policy Project is essentially avocating the revival of the relation between the colonies and the king where the king dictates policy and the local governors implement the dictates.

This is precisely the structure that the US Founders rebelled against.

The US founders clearly created a federal government with limited powers. The federal and state governments operated in distinct realms.

Isn't it bizarre that a president who was supposed to be against colonialism is reorganizing the US government along the colonial structure?

Hope and Change appears to be a revival of the monarchy and the kings's court.

Instead of courtesans we now have a bizarre creature called a "stakeholder."

The system of stakeholders pulls together a group of likeminded courtesans into the king's court to influence and implement policy.

The stakeholder system is very simple: The intelligentsia would decide policy, then choose a selection of politically connected stakeholders who are sympathetic to the policy, then use the influence of the group to dictate policy.

I read through the list of participants involved in this Utah Policy Project. The primary stakeholders in the policy are the same big insurance firms, big hospitals, big HMOs, big government and big education that created the health care mess.

The King's Court stakeholder system cuts the people out of the equation.

So What Should We Do?

The groups pushing Obamacare in Utah are very powerful and very well organized.

Unless people who wish to preserve their health care freedom do something, Obamacare is as good as implemented in the Beehive State.

I suspect that similar efforts to the Utah Health Policy Project are taking on in every state of the nation.

If there is any interest in preserving health care freedom, patriots must act and must act now!

The best way of acting would be to create Health Care Freedom Conferences where people brainstormed on alternatives to Obamacare.

I would be happy to contribute my research on The Medical Savings and Loan to any such efforts.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a structured savings program that would allow people to self fund their health care, and would provide an alternative to insurance.

I do not have the resources or connections to organize a conference, but I can contribute ideas and help publicize an event. I would be happy to travel to a conference.

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