Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Good Progressive from the North

I watched part of the Glenn Beck Show where Mr. Beck gushed over Jon Huntsman.

Apparently, Huntsman is a good progressive compared to bad progressives like George Soros (boo, hiss, boo, hiss).

But, wait a second?! The drones in the Open Society all see Soros as the good progressive. They have their list of bad progressives who must be censured. A great deal of the research of Soros's "Open Society Institute" is exactly the same type of conspiracy research done by Beck. The conclusion of Popper, Soros and followers is that they have to form powerful groups to overthrow the bad progressives like GW Bush.

I do not hate Huntsman, but recognize the guy as a progressive who used a combination of high power contacts in the Nixon administration, Utah's state church, and big business to become a billionaire.

During his career, Huntsman leveraged our progressive financial system to create products to help big firms (like McDonalds) drive smaller concerns out of business.

Some of the products like styrofoam BigMac containers created long lasting environmental damage for marginal gains.

Huntsman was a big supporter of Mitt Romney (who brought the world RomneyCare). That his family members jump from big business to big government on a regular basis indicates that the family is not above mixing business and politics in the grub for more wealth and power.

In Beck's world, Huntsman is the Good Progressive from the North, while Soros is the Wicked Progressive of the East and Pelosi the Wicked Progressive of the West.

Hmmm, is George W. Bush the good progressive from the South?

Apparently, Huntsman is a good progressive because he has "character."

Glenn Beck tells us that if we just had good progressives in charge of the centralized state-business complex, then things will be wonderful.

He is wrong.

It is the centralized monstrosity that the progressives on the left and progressives on the right are creating in concert that is destroying our freedoms.

The problem of progressivism is not a simple matter of character.

It is the highly centralized structure of the system which drives billions of people into poverty and artificially concentrates wealth.

Anyway, Glenn Beck provides a good example of the way modern dialectics is slowly strangling our freedom. He spends his day waving a flag yelling about how bad the leftist progressives are bad. His answer is that we need rightwing progressives in control.

Beck is playing the same game being played by Soros, Chomsky and clones ... but on a different side.

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