Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Illegal to Check the Expiration Date

This ruling by the Department of Justice makes no sense.

Hoover Manufacturing was sued because it required permanent residents working at their firm to provide new green cards when their old green cards expired.

The Justice Department says Hoovers is discriminating because Hoovers doesn't ask US citizens to produce new worker permits when their old worker permits expires.

Personally, I see this lawsuit as yet another example of how horrible our Federal Government has become.

The whole point of an expiration date is that people are supposed to check the expiration date.

If there is not an expiration date on a permanent resident's ability to work in the US, then there should not be an expiration date on their work permit.

I realize that half-witted progressive disparage me as a racist for criticizing their precious big government; however, a company checking on expired documents is not a social justice issue.

Accepting that it is a big hassle for permanent residents to update their worker's permit, one finds that failure of a company to require updated documentation can be as oppressive and requiring that they keep documentation current.

A worker without an updated worker's permit cannot change jobs without getting a new permit. The ability to change jobs is an important part of a free society.

An evil company that knows its workers have expired permits can be abusive because their employees would have to go through the burdensome task of renewing a green card to get a new job.

The Federal Government is the group to blame for our immigration problmes, not employers.

BTW: Problems like inconsistencies between work permits and residency status could easily be fixed through incremental reform.

Comprehensive reform simply creates a massive change with a new set of problems and corruptions that our ineffective Federal Government is unable to resolve.

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