Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Day Sales

My first two days of sales are in. With a little bit of forum spamming and blog posts, I was able to scare up 50 clicks to the the Kindle Version of Brainwashing. From those 50 clicks, I managed to sell one copy of the work.

Okay. I was the person who bought the copy. I thought it would be worth $.99 to see how the work rendered in the Kindle Software. Buying a copy means I have statistics for the book.

The Amazon upload did not paginate or do the table of contents in the same way as the copy I compiled with the software from MobiPocket.com.

The one sale put my book at position #134,524 in the Kindle Store. A weeks ago, my sister published a short story for young adults called Bouncing Brad. She is in position #116,613. My guess is that she sold two copies (me being one of the two copies).

Both works suffer from the lack of an editor.

I suspect that, in the long haul, the large quantity of unedited works on Kindle will destroy it as a potential revenue source for unpublished writers. (Unless, of course, people develop an appetite for raw writing ... which is possible).

Were I to design a Digital Text Platform, I would include editing functionality. A writer could upload their writing as raw. People who enjoy improving writing could make modifications to works they like. Editors would end up getting a cut of the sale price of books.

As for Brain Washing. I wrote the book in the 1980s. I did a major edit in 2000. IMHO, There was sufficient time from the writing to the publishing for a self editing session. I added the section headers and made very minor corrections for the Kindle edition.

Anyway, my Kindle book was a test of Amazon's DTP.

I think will do a little more spamming. I gave up on the goal of recouping the $10.99 I invested in the project (I bought a $10 stock photo for the cover). My new goal is to get 50 more clicks on the title.

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