Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kindle Stuffer

One Day Late for Christmas, I am pleased to announce the Kindle edition of Brain Washing.

This is a $.99 short story sold through the Amazon Digital Publishing Program. It is the tale of a philosophically inclined apprentice janitor.

The plot line was that a person works his way through college working as a janitor. He graduates in a recession and continues on as a janitor feeling bad about his social status.

He hooks up with a master janitor. After a series of triumphs and defeats, the master janitor goes through a self cleansing which is so thorough that the master janitor achieves nirvana (the highest state of being) and transcends.

You can read the story online.

The primary reason that I republished the story on Kindle was to test the Amazon kindle publishing format.

I uploaded the story a week ago. I originally clicked the 70% royality button. The lowest price I for an eBook on the 70% option is $2.99 (which is too much for a short story). So, I changed to the 35% option and republished. It took Amazon several days to encode the change ... so, I missed the Chirstmas market.

There might be people who just bought a kindle (or who got an gift certificate). So, I might get a few sales.

Moneywise, I spent $10 to buy a stock photo titled Commercial Cleaning by Pedro Castellano. I also bought a copy of the book to see what it looks like. I should be making about thirty cents per each book sold.

If I can sell 40 copies, I will break even. I doubt I will sell that many. But there might end up being a small market for dollar books as people with Kindles might buy such books to use up the loose ends of gift cards.

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