Monday, November 02, 2009

Lawyers and Drug Testing

I owe Evil Esquire a big apology. They had a poll question about drug testing and lawyers. Apparently, they wanted to know if lawyers should be subjected to random drug tests like so many other workers in our society.

I misread the question and answered:

"Yes, I think lawyers should be used for drug testing.

The genetic make up of lawyers is remarkably similar to that of humans.

By testing potentially dangerous drugs on lawyers, pharmaceutical companies can avoid the ethical questions involved in testing drugs on people, while avoiding the bad publicity involved with testing drugs on adorable furry animals.

An added benenfit of testing deadly drugs on lawyers is that the process thins their ranks to the benefit of society.

On rereading the question, I realized that my answer was inapropriate, despite the fact that testing potentially harmful drugs on lawyers is a pretty good idea.

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