Monday, November 16, 2009

Public Assistance is Better Than the Public Option

There will always be people who have needs that exceed their resources. I contend that, for these cases, openly acknowledged public assistance is preferable to the public option.

The public option, like all pooling mechanisms, tries to address health care needs by placing those with extraordinary needs in a pool with healthy people. The hope being that there's enough healthy people to cover the cost of the sick.

This system is intellectually dishonest. The system intentionally is selling people a product that they do not want.

Even worse, by taking people's health care resources, the public option reduces people who were self-sufficient into a state of dependency.

The intellectual dishonesty behind the current health care debate reduces million of once free Americans into a state of subservience.

The intellectual honesty of open public assistance is a welcome alternative to the reforms ideas that involve coercing people into systems that do not hold their best interest at heart.

The one challenge of public assistance is that it is difficult to distinguish those who legitimately need additional assistance with care from those who do not. The Medical Savings and Loan provides a structure that provides medical care as needed with loans. It can then identify those whose resources fall short of being able to provide for care.

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