Monday, November 02, 2009

Intellectual Dishonesty

In my opinion, since the nature of the assistance is openly acknowledged, public assistance in health care is superior to the public option.

The goal of the current health care reform is intellectually dishonest. The current political effort is about finding ways to shove those with known expensive medical conditions into pools to cover their costs. To make up for the deficit, politicians wish to force others to buy insurance that is multiples of their expected expenses.

A far better approach is to create a structure where individuals have a mechanism to properly account for the care they receive, and to handle the exceptions with openly acknowledged assistance.

The intellectual dishonesty of pooled insurance diminishes our health care system. It leads to corruption and erodes the foundations of our health care.

The problem is that we are trying to design our entire health care system around exceptions rather than designing the system around the known and real needs of all people. All people have expected health expenses of several hundred thousand dollars in a full life time. Our system should be designed to help people save these resources.

As the distribution of income follows the distribution of wealth, if we had a system where people owned their health care resources, we would immediately eliminate the growing disparity in income caused by the foolish system of employer based health care.

A system based on intellectual honesty will always lead to better results than one based on intellectual dishonest.

The Medical Savings and Loan is an intellectually honest alternative to pooled insurance. The system creates a savings and lending account for all policy holders. People place money in their savings in times of health, and withdraw funds in times of need. When need exceeds savings, people can take out loans. If they need more money than they are capable of repaying, the system has them turn to public assistance.

People are actually wonderful creatures who take great pains to help each other. With the medical savings and loan helping identify those with extraordinary needs, people will be happy to find to find ways to extend such assistance.

The problem with an intellectually dishonest system (like the bills before congress) is that hard working people become victims of those gaming the system ... by following the inherently dishonest route, people will degenerate into petty jealousies, into conspiracies, and conclude that to survive they must become manipulators themselves.

Please contact your congressman and tell them that this path of dishonesty will lead us to ruin. The honest path would lead to a bright future.

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