Sunday, March 25, 2007

Twitter Me Timbers

People have been raving about Twitter; so I set up an account. This site limits posts to 140 letters, but expects people to do a large number of posts. The limit on size is good for people like me who suffer from keyboard diarrhea when given a blog.

I actually think the ideal self publishing mechanism would have both a mechanism for short "what's up entries" and longer posts. (all longer posts would have a short intro blurb). I think what I will do after I move the community sites is to create an open sourced self publishing mechanism, that allows people to publish their ideas is greater detail. I started this with The y-intercept was a project I started back in the 1980s for aiding in historical research. My next step was to combine the two and beef them up to make the ultimate blogging machine.

BTW, hear are some pictures I took last week. I added small galleries for Saint Ann School and Fairmont Park in the Sugarhouse Area. I want to go down south. I just have to get motivated on moving the community directories. I've lost the ability to force myself to complete projects.

Grape HyacinthSaint Ann SchoolLDS Church in Sugarhouse

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