Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stansbury Island

Stansbury IslandStansbury Island near the south shore of the Great Salt Lake is a popular place to mountain bike in the winter. The mountains, of course, are covered with snow in the winter. Although most of the island is private property, the island does sport a 9.8 mile mountain bike trail. The Wasatch Rock Garden Society generally does an April trip out to Stansbury Island as it is one of the first places to bloom each year. The trip is popular since it gets people geared up for gardening in the months to come.

Unfortunately the area is also popular with people who like to go out in the the desert to shoot guns. Over the weekend we decided to take Coco on a walk out in the desert. Unfortunately, all the side canyons were occupied up by people doing target practice. We tried hiking up the ridge. We found ourselves on a ridge with a joker shooting a high powered rifle on the right and some clown with an automatic weapon shooting off rounds to the left. It really wasn't shaping up as pleasant hike. So we decided to hike on one of the muddy roads near Grantsville.

Wounded SkeetThe picture shows a skeet that was sitting on the Mack Canyon Road. What someone was doing shooting skeet on a public road is anyone's guess. Counting the beer bottles near the pile of empty casings makes me think that the shooter was getting a bit loopy by the time it got around to shooting this particular skeet.

Anyway, I need to get back to the truck for another beer and some more ammo; so I will just cut this post short.


Tyler Farrer said...

Just remember, guns don't kill people, bullets kill people.

GetREAL said...

its a joker and and idiot because they are enjoying something you disapprove of,

My thoughts about HIKING exactly, what moron walks in a mountain just to walk there

SEE it works all ways

y-intercept said...

Yes, I disapprove of people shooting guns across public roads and trails. When I am walking down a trail and see a person shooting an automatic weapon across the trail, I turn around because I've dealt with enough people like you to know not to trust the shooter.

When I am in a camp and a pick up drives by with a drunk person in the back of the truck shooting into camps because he saw something move, I hide.

I disapprove of gun owners that shoot at things that move, and when I see a person behaving thusly, I put my dog on leash and quickly leave.

You believe that it is okay to shoot across public trails and roads, you believe it is okay to shoot into camps and you believe it is okay to shoot from the back up pick ups at anything that moves.

I have not returned to Stansbury Island and would recommend others to avoid it because it is full of people who enjoy shooting their guns unsafely.

Anyone who target practices across a public trail or public road is a menace. Anyone who is shooting from the back of a moving pick up should be arrested ... and I don't care how much fun they are having.