Friday, March 02, 2007

To Logan

FootprintsThis first picture shows the footprints and tire tracks left by the person who stole my 78-year-old parent's snowblower. There are two sets of tracks: big feet and small feet. Perhaps it is a father and son theft operation.

Yes, Mr. Gore, I know that snowblowers are evironmentally immoral as they emit greenhouse gasses. My folks often get 2 and 3 feet thick snows that they cannot shovel. They love walking up and down the driveway on heavy snow days blowing the snow away. I would like to get them a new snowblower. My experience is that theives come back to the same house because they like to steal the replacements items. Anyway, now that the nation has taken a leap to the left, we can all expect to be robbed more often. They are down two snow shovels and a snowblower this year. The last time they were robbed was the late 70s.

Eccles Mansion on Center Street LoganAnyway, yesterday, March 1st, I chauffered one of the folks up to Logan to meet a professor at USU. I took a small number of pictures of Logan, the Logan Temple and Historic Center Street. I was also hoping to get a few shots of USU, but it was too snowy and foggy. A guide at the Logan Visitor Center said that the Tony Grove Trail is the best place in the state to catch Spring wildflowers. So, I will plan a Spring Trip to Logan Canyon.

Cache County CourthouseOne of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Old Cache County Courthouse that was recently converted into a Visitor Center. Apparently, there was recently a move to tear the old Courthouse down as it is really not a good construction for an area prone to earthquakes. The people of Logan chose to restore the building in 2005, and did a great job.

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