Saturday, March 17, 2007

PSA: Eat Away at Landmines

This is just a quick public service announcement. The 2007 Salt Lake Night of 1000 Dinners will take place March 27 at the Calvary Babtist Church (details). This event raises funds for landmine removal.

If you can't make it to the Salt Lake event, you can host your own dinner. Go to If you sign up a group, you will get a kit with stuff about landmines.

You can also just dine out with friends; Talk about how lousy war is and how much damage landmines do to civilians; Collect some money and send it to Adopt a Minefield.

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JibberJobber Guy said...

speaking of dinners - the blogger dinner is on Thursday night (diff location due to construction/traffic) - shoot me an e-mail for more details (Jason at JibberJobber dot com) -- I tried to e-mail you from the comment you left on my blog but it bounced back...