Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Scientific Agenda

I've been in a foul mood of late. The reason is that I've been listening to secular progressive podcasts like LogicallyCritical and Point of Inquiry. In both cases, the wanks in charge of the podcasts systematically undermine the foundations of discourse and reason while repeating the mantra that they are the defenders of reason. For example, Paul Kurtz of Point of Inquiry refers several times to the "Scientific Agenda." While, Bill O'Reilly believes that he is a Sun Tzu general in the cultural war of civilization against secular progressives. Paul Kurtz has a similar delusion that he is a Sun Tzu general in the culture war of the scientific agenda against an evil Christian theocracy.

Science does not have an agenda! The second that you believe that science has an agenda, you've stopped being a scientist.

Science has the ability to tells us whether or not we will achieve our objectives. It does not tell us what our objectives should be.

Science does not have an agenda. Scientists, though, almost always have an agenda. Intentionally confusing the two corrupts science.

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