Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Disease of Free Thought

This is spiffy: A left leaning professor has just figured out that the people who do not respond in the politically correct fashion to the brainwashing techniques used by the left have a mental disorder. That's right. It is now a scientific fact that conservatism is a disease! examines this exciting new finding.


JM Bell said...

Didn't Mike Savage write a book about that? And Ann Coulter? You've got boneheads too.

Or is this a point at the left and ignore my my own boneheads kind of thing?

y-intercept said...

I try to point out boneheads on all sides. You can judge by the lack of inbound links to this site that I am not arguing any one given agenda.

I hit on "progressive science" a lot harder than other issues because I think it is more dangerous for our society. Most bad political theories just put bad people into office. The domination of the schools and science by one political group ends up damaging science and can destroy our ability to reason and engage in discourse.

The idea of sneaking political theories into the mainstream by calling them science dates back to antiquity. The modern obsession with this strategy began when Hegel called his political theories the Science of History.

BTW, The fact that satyrist like Coulter and Jon Stewart, Franken et al, are kooks is par for the course. Satire is done for entertainment.

The people in schools who misuse science claiming their political beliefs to be scientifically correct and pull crap like labeling their opponents diseased do a little bit more foundational harm.