Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dawkins: Crusader for Intolerance

I am feeling absolutely sick right now.

I just listened to some spittle from that subhuman Richard Dawkins. Dawkins has some form of dialectical materialism on his brain that he has deluded himself into thinking is the only correct form of reasoning. This grade A wank is now on a crusade trying to eliminate everyone who holds to the classical world. The classical world view is the thing that brought us the scientific method, American Democracy, the free market and the thing Dawkin hates with every fiber of his being: Christianity.

Dense as a stone, Dawkins has convinced himself that there is no discernible difference between the Radical Islamic Fundamentalists and mainstream Christianity. The scary thing is the large number of the adherents to the new secular progressive religion have fallen for the same propaganda.

Apparently Dawkins is now on a crusade to rally intellectuals in the cultural war to eliminate Christianity.

It appears that Dawkins basic theory is that anyone who does not hold his warmed over view of dialectical materialism is incapable of reason. Reason, after all, is the exclusive domain of the left.


Since people who admire the classical tradition are incapable of reasoning, Dawkins wants to see them wiped off the planet. Neither Dawkins nor Harris have gone into the details of how they want to carry out this task. I think it safe to assume that they simply want to keep up the genocides that dialectical materialists have helped engineer in the last 100 years.

The hate mongers in Dawkins camp have been extremely successful. As I recall the Black Book of Communism has the toll of their genocide around 300 million for the last decade. The toll in Sudan is getting upward to a million Christians.

Like most secular progressives. Dawkins is too stupid to understand that his clever little ideology of intolerance is exactly the same thing at the base of Communism and Marxism.

Living in Utah, I am confronted with one of the most idiotic cult that the Christian tradition has ever produced. It ain't anywhere near as bad as the idiocies being touted by Dawkins and Harris.

Personally, I wish that people would realize that these culture warriors are the biggest threat to our culture. It is intolerant wanks like Richard Dawkins that lead cultures into darkness.

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