Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Deseret Spectacle: NRA Cartoon

This is kind of funny. The Deseret Spectacle still believes that the ACLU goal is to defend civil liberties. The ACLU's goal is to define civil rights within a secular progressive agenda. Libertarians and ACLU goals sometimes mesh up as the Libertarian Party notes, and sometimes diverges.

An interview on Reason finds that the ACLU is for gun control, and only interested in the parts or interpretations of the Constitution that align with its agenda. The ACLU often uses groups that it disagrees with when it argues cases. They have a long history of agreeing with groups that are a tad scary.

The fact that a civil rights group has an agenda isn't really bad; so long as the group is not taken as the group that defines civil rights. There are other civil rights organizations such as the Rutherford Institute that supports the rights of the people outside the ACLU agenda.

Anyway, The Deseret Spectacle thinks it amusing that the NRA is diminishing now that gun control is not a major agenda of the Democratic Party. I am not a fan at all of the NRA (I don't like to associate with unpopular groups). However, the fact that the group is diminishing shows that it NRA is an authentic organization that was interested in defending gun owner's rights and not a hidden agenda. The cartoon shows the NRA as just a bunch of thugs. That is just media bias.

It is a little bit strange that the cartoon shows the NRA as big thugs attacking the poor little Democratic donkey, when it seems to me that gun control legislation was actually the case of a powerful political organization trying to take away the rights of gun owners.


Tyler Farrer said...

"However, the fact that the group is diminishing shows that it NRA is an authentic organization that was interested in defending gun owner's rights and not a hidden agenda."

That was an excellent point that bore repeating!

Well said.

y-intercept said...

I thought about trying to contrast the NRA to new think movements taht try to expand their mandate with each victory. Such organizations often have the effect of becoming their opposite. The new think type movement is more common on the Left than the right.

The classic example is the women's rights movement which went bizarre after a long string of much needed victories. Both the authenticity and integrity of the NRA is appreciated and needed. If the group did something like move into the stem cell research debate with claims that we should arm embryos, I would lose all respect for them.

The Deseret Spectacle said...

Wow, how easy it is to earn the emnity of the sensitive y-intercept. You neglect the most important thing of all, my dear friend:

Donkey + Gun cartoons are funny


y-intercept said...

What makes you think that I linked to your blog out of emnity [sp]? The cartoon was funny. The fact that there's still people who believe that the ACLU is trying to defend freedom is funny as well. The ACLU has always had ulterior objectives.

The Deseret Spectacle said...

Forgive me. enmity.

I think it's funny that people think the ACLU is an evil, Chavez-cheering subversive group trying to advance some totalitarian agenda here in the states. No wait, I don't think that's funny. I think that's sad.

I don't know Kevin, I can't read you. I just deleted an angry, long ass comment from one of your other posts 'cause I can't quite figure out if you're just being a jackass or if this is just sort of your odd manner of communication and reasoning which is even harder to read over the internet than it was in person.

You tell me, 'cause I was actually excited to find you on the web again. You were always a pretty decent guy to me and I admired your ideas when we worked together, young punk as I may have been.