Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sustainable Energy

It is fun to read web posts complaining about gas and demanding price controls.

I think the bump in gas prices is great as the fluctuations create interest in alternative energies. The question is what is more unnatural. The mystery drop in the price of oil to below a dollar a few years ago, or the bump in prices up to $3.00 that currently dominates the news?

Anyway, here is a link to the National Renewable Energy Lab which researches alternative energies (well every thing but nuclear ... which is politically incorrect.)


Anonymous said...

That's pronounced "Nookulear" my friend. If you can't beat the "folks", you best join the "folks". Get with the program. BTW I just filled up my Honda 110 which I use for commuting. 89 MPG.... Prius owners eat your hearts out.


y-intercept said...

Having more than one vehicle fits my definition of conservation. The large taxes put on vehicle ownership locks people into owning one vehicle that they use for commuting and recreation.

BTW, I knew a Mr. Wilson who moved to Boise. I never figured out his new email address. kevind at is an address I check every other day or so.