Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Steps towards Peace

I am happy to see Isreal taking a step toward piece with its Disengagement from settlements in the Gaza Strip.

While the act appears as a ruthless uprooting of Isreali citizens (a violation of property rights) the resettlement is about the definition of national borders. Property does not really exist until the property is defined.

The disengagement is clearly an overture for peace and not a cave in to terrorism. For that matter, this risky step toward peace is likely to result in a wave of terrorism from groups in both Isreal and Palestine wishing to block peace.

The real qeustion at the this point is the reaction of the Palestine authority. Isreal put a unilateral action on the table. Will the Palestinian authority take this overture as a step toward peace or revert to the subtle corruption of the Arafat days?

Anyway, I wanted to laud a gutsy step toward peace. Disengagement Forum is an open forum discussing the action. MFA.gov has documents related to the plan.

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