Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I've always thought it was folly for gentiles to gather in groups of more than a dozen. Anyway, a foolish group of ravers had a party with about 1500 people in an area with restrictions to about 250. Apparently the promoter had received only half of the required permits.

Here are some web sites describing the event:

Music Versus Guns includes news reports and first hand accounts of the raid. The Salt Lake Tribune's article includes links with videos of the raid. The DJs also posted an account of the raid.

The whole rave thing appears silly to me. Provo's tendency to close venue when they become popular is also silly. I've been following the Provo Music Industry for several years. It appears that Provo does everything possible to block permits for any organization counter the the LDS dream of creating an Iran in the American desert. Provo has a horrifically convoluted system of permits. It is not surprising that a promoter ends up with the wrong permits.

Provo is a college town filled with raging hormones and entertainment starved youth. It is all but guaranteed that any venue providing music and dancing in an unrepressive atomosphere will flood over with party-goers.

The scary thing is watching the Utah swat teams in action.

The story of this raid in neocon Provo is raging throw the Internet. So I thought I would help it along with a blog post.

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