Monday, August 08, 2005

July Stats

The July stats for my community directories still look poor. In July the sites had 7969 clicks to advertisers and netted $703.28. I expect about $50 of that to be reversed. I have about 650,000 page views.

Oddly, most of my traffic seems to be coming through ProtoPhoto, which was a pathetic attempt to make an online photo gallery. I wish I had time to beef it up. The site had a tight diskspace cap. I moved it to a new server, but have not had the time to start working on the content.

Hopefully Back to School will start reversing the fortunes of this web collection. The truth of the matter, though, is that my heart just is not into selling things. My desire is simply to explore ideas. Shopping online is still just a concept in my mind. To really excel at selling stuff, I think you need to be someone who's primary focus is stuff.

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