Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Train Wrecks

I heard that several runaway trains are headed full speed into Iowa and that no-one's done any sort of line maintenance in the state for years.

The press is excited by the event as we might be looking at one of the worst train wrecks in our life time.

As for me, I've stopped blogging because I really have no interest in train wrecks.

Both the two major parties seem to be getting worse and worse.

Despite the great communication technology we have, the voices that want to stop the train wreck just can't break through.

I like Ben Carson ... but I think he spent too much time trying to create a conservative image and I am not really sure what direction he would lead the country.

I would love to see Rand Paul playing a bigger role in the GOP because the Pauls have thought through questions about liberty better than most of the GOP candidates.

As for the Democrats. Isn't anyone else interested in the strange phenomena that their Party only has three candidates and their campaigns seem more orchestrated than the GOP?

If the Democrats really were the party of the people one would expect a much more raucous primary.

Despite the fact that it is better organized than the GOP. The Democrats are more like a high speed passenger train running out control while the GOP is just a bunch of freight trains running out of control.

Freight train collisions are visually more appealing than high speed passenger train collisions, but the death and carnage of a TGV running off track is much higher than an freight train pile up.

Presidential politics is a train wreck. The answer to our nation's malaise will not be found in politics but in the people.

I think the best presidential candidate is the candidate who is most likely to listen to Congress and the people.

I see Trump as the worst candidate. I am hoping that the party will simply coalesce around who is every seen as the best candidate to beat Trump.

As for this year's crop of candidates. That is really the best the GOP can hope for.

My biggest fear is that Democrats will cross party lines to vote for Trump. If Trump wins the GOP nomination, the Democrats will be able to run a campaign on wealth envy and anti-capitalist sentiment.

If Trump wins, we will not only have an arrogant jerk as president. The nation will turn decidedly left as the Democrats run a pure Marxian campaign against Trump.

Both the Press and Socialist Left want Trump to win. I hope he stumbles.

As for me. I have no interest in watching train wrecks. So, I am just diverting my eyes while trying to find a better direction.

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