Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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This just in: While in Illinois Obama gave a speech in which he "calls for improved tone in U.S. politics.:"

Sorry, Mr Political Activist in Chief, the tone of politics in America today is the result of your actions.

The reason I am opposed to the Alinsky style of Community Activism is that this Marxian style not only leads to poor decisions. I creates a feeling of disenfranchisement and sharp political division.

Obama spent the first seven years simply stomping on his opponents and shutting down discourse in our nation, then feigns surprise that his administration led to division and shrill politics.

I suspect that Obama's speech was well delivered and sounded. But, at this stage in the presidential game, it is irrelevant.

It is the actions that Obama took at the height of his political power and not the apologies given in lame duck speech that defines the Obama Administration as one of the most divisive administrations in US history.  Today's speech should be filed under "I" for irrelevant.

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