Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silent Sunsets

I learned the other day that one cannot say "It's a pretty sunset" within earshot of a Democrat.

In the modern mindset every word must be measured for political effect. Saying, "hey it's a pretty sunset" must be matched by a political diatribe aimed at spreading hatred of a progressive's enemies.

The haze that appears in the Salt Lake Valley is due primarily to a large amount of moisture on the ground trapped between two mountains. I know this because mountain valleys with few people develop the same haze.

The haze traps in pollutants.

So, saying it's a pretty sunset on the same day in which there is haze means progressives must spill forth with all of the hatred in their dark hearts.

Anyway, if you are near a Democrat, you need to learn to internalize statements such as "it's a pretty sunset."

Vocalizing a thought does not enhance a view. Spewed hated diminishes it.

In modern America one must learn to enjoy beauty without vocalization.

Progressives control the schools. Progressives teach that every word must be measured for political effect. This is our world. But is is kind of sad to live in a world where we cannot say "it's a pretty sunset."

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