Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SQLite3 Object

I feel like the biggest dolt in the world.

Apparently, PHP has a SQLite3 Class that is similar to PDO. The documentation does not say it works in PHP7, but first tests indicate that it can connect to the database.

I thought PHP had deprecated all of the database functions and wanted universal usage of PDO.  The inability of PDO to fetch SQL queries had effectively turned my new domain into nothing but an expensive Boggle Server.

The SQLite3 Class is significantly different than PDO. For example, you can't just send it an array of data, you actually have to bind variables to make it work right.

The class has different function names and might have a slightly different work flow than PDO.

The class might be sufficient for my needs; so I will start developing with it ... keeping in mind that PHP is likely to deprecate the object in a future release.


Never mind. The SQLite3 Class isn't working either. There are too many goofy things with this object. For example, the query() and execute() functions return different types of objects, the big kicker, you can't use bound variables for queries ... which was the whole purpose of moving from functions to objects.

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