Thursday, December 03, 2015

On the Makers of Refugees

Last month, I wrote a long post on the refugee problem.

The post started with the observation that refugees tend to dislike the tyrants who made them refugees and refugees tend to become staunch advocates of liberty and are prone to be hawkish on the needs for strong national defense on seeing what happens when a nation fails to defend its people.

A general rule of thumb is that if the west treats refugees well, the refugees will develop into advocates for a free society.

That said, it is possible that a refugee group itself has been radicalized.

The attacks in Paris prove that some immigrants to France have been radicalized.

When discussing refugees, one has to look at the particular refugees and there has to be a dialog about the long term effects of the refugees.

I suspect that, on the large, the people made refugee by ISIS will be staunchly against radical Islam.

Since the Syrian refugees have personal stories about the horrors of radical Islam, it is highly likely that they could help stem within the existing Islamic community in the West.

To assure that the refugees will be a positive influence, our nation needs to scrutinize the refugees.

Here lies the problem. The activist roots of our current president raises question as to whether or not the administration would engage in the proper scrutiny of the refugees.

Obama's treatment of the San Bernardino shows a president who is more interested in attacking his political opponents at home than in defending our nation against terrorist threats. Obama did not wait to find out information about the shooter before shooting off attacks of his political opponents.

The San Bernardino attacks followed shortly after similar attacks in Paris, yet the president is so blinded by his partisan views that he was out agitating against domestic rivals before intelligence on the shootings were available.

A community activist, by definition, is a person who activates a group of people against the activist's enemies. So, while we are looking at refugees who are likely to become allies in the struggle against radical Islam, we can't be sure that our activist president will not, himself, seek to activate the refugees in his political.

This political style of Obama makes claims like Mike Savage's accusation that Obama is Building and Seeing a Refugee Army within the United States plausible.

Ann Coulter points out at that a disproportionate number of the mass killings in the US seem have been committed by immigrants.  There a great deal of documentation showing that there has been efforts to radicalize immigrant communities.

In conclusion, if handled properly, the Syrians refugees could help stem radicalization in the Islamic community by telling people the horrors that drove them into exile from the Islamic State.

In practice there is very little reason to believe that the current administration will handle the acceptance of refugees properly.

The ideologies in place in the US and Europe may have created a climate where the influx of refugees will destabilize nations and lead to even more horrors and refugees.

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