Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Web Site Changes

PHP 7 will be released soon.

I decided to use this major upgrade as an opportunity to complete rework my web presence and move  my domains to new servers.

VPS.net is offering cloud based hosting using SSD disks. SSD drives are substantially faster than hard disks. The pricing for the SSD Cloud starts at $5/month. Being a cloud account, you can add disk space, CPU power and bandwidth.

The catch of VPS is that their managed services are quite expensive; So, I am breaking out my old Linux manuals and trying to figure out how to install and configure web servers.

The first domain I am moving is yintercept.com. I am moving things over file by file. Because I want to see how the service behaves, I initiated the DNS move before I moved all the files. (Sorry about any broken links you experience.)

This subdomain (blog.yintercept.com) is hosted by blogspot. So, it should not break as I break the primary domain of the site.

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