Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tales and Broken Links

Looks like the DNS propagation is complete. the domain now points to a  cloud base host using SSD drives ... a big improvement in speed.

I am moving files one by one to the new host and most of the links are broken.

The files are some fun short stories I wrote back in 2000 to test different web authoring tools.

Brain Washing is the tale of an apprentice janitor that I wrote in college.

The Ballad of the EcoRustlers  is a silly sci-fi story. The EcoRustlers have 'trodes that stimulate neural activity. You plug them into a cow. When the cows are legally sentient, the 'trodes register the cows with the Social Security Office and you can't butcher them. Chad is the hero trying to save the herd from the EcoRustlers.

The Detectometer is another scifi skit in which police detectives have been replace by robots. An old time detective is sitting at the crime scene and eating donuts and solves a crime that baffled the computer.

They were fun stories to write. I stopped writing fiction, as I live in Utah where people prefer to live fiction than read fiction.

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