Sunday, November 29, 2015

Resource Model for Web Design

Well folks. Today I am launching a major rewrite of all of my web sites. I am developing an approach to program which I will call The Resource Model for Web Design.

In this project I will gradually open source the code for several web sites. (I am waiting for the production release of PHP 7.0 before doing so. A primary theme is handling the PDO object).

There is a reason why I started the project, which I will also get into later.

The first step of the project is to create a streamlined responsive splash page.

I wanted to get more done today, but, alas I am forced to spend the rest of the night engaged in family obligations. So, one single splash page is all you get for now.

You can follow the status of the project on the Record of Revision Page, which only has one entry at the moment. My goal in this project is to use a minimalist approach to both the HTML and PHP coding.

I am waiting for the release of PHP 7.0 before adding PHP code. The Splash Page is HTML only. Feel free to view the source and leave comments.

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