Thursday, September 13, 2012

Supporting Community

I realize it's a waste of 50 bucks, but I decided to go to the Utah Freedom Conference after all.

Yes, I am upset that the "Utah Freedom Conference" fails to advance "freedom." The conference is held by a bunch of politicos who wish to use the anger aimed at Obama to grab power. Topics of the conference include expanding the sheriff's office to counter the Feds. (POWER GRAB) Expanding state powers to counter the feds. (POWER GRAB). Getting state hands on Federal Lands (POWER GRAB). The only interesting topic is in starting a local currency to counter Wall Street.

Health Care is the most important issue of our day. The second one mentions alternatives to insurance, Conservatives shut their hears and make incoherent bubbly noise to defend their power base in the insurance industry.

Anyway, the Utah Freedom Conference is by people who want to use fear of Obama to gain power themselves. They refuse to discuss issues that diminish their power. The conference is pure hypocrisy.

But it's the only game in town.

I decided to attend the conference because I happen to believe it is very important to support the people around me.

As you see, the American experiment in self rule is not the ideal of people living in isolation. The Founders discovered the secret of prosperity. Strong individuals make for a vibrant community.

Conversely, when people try to make a strong community (at the cost of individuals) they end up diminishing both the individual and the community.

We become strong individuals when we support the people around us.

I actually do put my money where my mouth is. You may have noticed that I've created a collection of directories for the Mountain West under the banner: Community Color. Sites included are Salt Lake Sites, Denver Color, Provo Utah dot US, I started making link lists for local communities back in 2000.

These sites exist simply because I believe in supporting people around me. The real heart of a free society is free minds that freely associate.

A free society, by its very nature, should be open and inclusive. Conservatives undermine the free market when they automatically close their minds to challenges to the power base (insurance).

Anyway, I will attend the Utah Freedom Conference even though I suspect it will simply be a waste of time and money. It would be fun to someday attend a conference that is actually about freedom, and not simply a game of political players grubbing for power.

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