Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get Out and Split the Vote

Republicans are running full force with a fear campaign. In general, people who run on fear are scarier than the people they fear.

Personally, when I look at Obama, I see a lame duck who will fully discredit progressive socialism in his second term. This is especially true if Obama wins because Libertarians split the vote.

Yes, the MSM is currently in a full blown campaign for Obama. But Obama cannot run for a third term. The press will turn on Obama and his agenda in the next four years. Remember how the world turned against Bush in his lame duck years?

The global consensus is that the president of the United States has way too much power. The result of this consensus is that the world turns away from the ideology of the US president. If Obama has a lame duck term, the people of the world will turn away from the progressive, international socialism he advocates.

In contrast, really bad things will happen if Romney executes the plan where he wins the electoral vote while Obama wins the popular vote.

The press and Occupy Wall Street will hit the streets with shrill protests against the electoral college and claims that Republicans suppressed the vote with photo-id laws.

Romney will receive blame for the economic decisions of the Obama years. Notably, the press has ignored inflation. When it starts to report about inflation, it will project inflation on Romney while ignoring the quantitative easing that set up inflation.

The same thing happened with Bush. The press blames bush for the deregulation of derivatives. The deregulation of derivatives happened in the Clinton Administration. The Commodities Future Modernization Act of 2000 was signed by William Jefferson Clinton, not by George Walker Bush, yet Bush bears the blame!!!

Romney has already declared that he intends to keep most of PPACA. The freedom movement will take a substantial hit for little gain.

The 2012 presidential election is one of the most anticipated and divisive votes in US history. Usually a vote for a third party is a throw away vote. The nature of this vote means that the election returns will be scrutinized in minutia. Pundits and analysts would be force to react if the people reject their false dichotomy.

The parties are spending billions in one of the most divisive campaigns in history. If the American people voted in droves for a third, the American people would shake the political machine to its foundation and force both parties to change.

For this reason, I've decided to vote third party and encourage others to do so. I will post articles about why I am voting third party on the page I will use the Twitter Hashtag #SplitTheVote on tweets arguing for a split vote.

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