Monday, September 17, 2012

Life in Zion

I appreciate Richard Mack's arguments for the independent sheriff who is elected by the people and sworn to uphold the Constitution and individual rights.

The sad reality is that the local sheriff is often corrupt.

In the paper today (WSJ Article) I read about how the police in Springdale, Utah would issue citations to foreigners visiting Zion National Park. Demand on the spot cash payment, then destroy the citation.

NOTE: Springdale is a small town in Washington County at the entrance to Zion National Park. It is an epicenter of the conflict between local and Federal Control.
This small corruption is nothing compared to the billion dollar police confiscation industry, which is nothing compared with the trillions of institutionalized theft in the financial industry.

This minor corruption is simply the report published the day after the Utah Freedom Conference. The primary thrust of the Utah Freedom Conference was to push for a massive expansion of state powers and local law enforcement to counter the Federal Expansion that has taken place during the Obama administration.

I see this effort as doomed to failure because local corruption is ubiquitous and federal corruption. For that matter, living in a small county with a corrupt sheriff is extremely oppressive.

The Utah Freedom Conference has great arguments for state sovereignty, but the arguments will not be sufficient to restore the American Experiment in self-rule.

END NOTE: I believe we could win the argument for restoring self rule if a group will willing to discuss free market health care reform. Sadly, there are no conservatives who are willing to discuss that topic so we are doomed to a systematic clamping down on individual liberty.

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