Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Free Market v. Capitalism

"Property" means say so. Property Rights means that individuals have say so over an equity such as a piece of land, a shop.

The most important of all property rights is the right to our minds and bodies. The conversation about property rights died down after the US Revolution as plantation owners sought to conserve slavery.

The Free Market as seen by the US Founders and Adam Smith was a vision with widespread ownership. Individuals owned companies that they built.

Capitalism is a dystopia conceived by Karl Marx and detailed in Das Kapital. The Capitalism, the ruling class abstract off capital ownership in to large pools that corporate warriors use to dominate markets. This reduces people from the role of capital owner to being servants to the large capital pool.

When the capital is controlled by large capital firms, the people begin to diminish. Marx sought to raise these people in revolution with a mistaken belief that the revolution would lead to utopia on earth.

Marx was cunning. Marx read Machiavelli and Sun Tsu. He knew that, in the Art of War, the group that defines the battlefield wins the war.

FYI, if you are a business warrior who believes in using large capital pools and the Art of War to dominate markets, then you are a disciple of Marx's vision written in Das Kapital.

Marx knew that he could not argue directly for communism, so he snookered a group of half-wits called "conservatives" in to going out and arguing for Capitalism, when he convinced another group of nitwits to rebel against his capitalists.

Marx called his game Material Dialectics. In this game, the intellectual defines both sides of a contrived conflict. Pits them against each other in conflict, then reaps the whirlwind.

Imbeciles like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity will make loud screeching noises to defend Marx's vision outlined in Das Kapital without ever realizing that they are the one's setting up our nation for failure. In response, half wits on the left form Occupy Wall Street with the call for revolution.

Karl Marx deserves acclaim as the most influential economist of all time. Karl Marx is the father of both Capitalism and Communism. He is the father of a great conflict that took hundreds of millions of lives and that continues to wreak havoc in our lives.

Today, we have a financial system which was captured by large capital pools set to dominate markets. Americans are systematically being reduced from property owners to mere employees. We have a financial system captured by insiders and set on restoring a class society with a distinct ownership class and working class.

Sadly, Bain Capital is an important issue during the election. It is a company built on the formula in which large capital pools seek to dominate markets. For example Sports Authority partnered with KMart to make one huge sporting goods store that could dominate the market. It sucked up all the regional chains like Garts and now we have a dominated market with little opportunity for outsiders.

Our financial system was built on the Marxian fantasy of business warriors using massive capital pools to dominate the market.

The American Experiment in self rule hinged on the concept of individuals as owners. A society in which people are just employees who will never own anything of significance will diminish ... or, as Marx hoped when he fathered Capitalism, erupt into revolution.

Romney's business career and political campaign indicates that he bought into the vision of Das Kapital in which business warriors use a captured financial system to dominate markets and reduce the people to workers owned by the capital pools.

Property rights were the key to the American vision of self-rule. With widespread property ownership, people would have little domains that they could grow an nurture. The sad fact that the right bought into Marx's definition of Capitalism is as much a threat to this experiment as the fact that the left bought into Marx's idea of revolution against capitalism.

My hope at this point is that American wakes up to the fact that both sides of the left/right split are corrupt and vote third party in November.

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