Thursday, December 29, 2011

Republicans Sell Out the Tea Party

Dick Morris really doesn't like Ron Paul. What is interesting is that Mr. Morris frames Ron Paul as a leftwing radical. The mainstream media frames Dr. Paul as an extreme rightwing radical (The terms "left" and "right" are meaningless).

IMHO: Dr. Paul's positions are closer to the US Founders and the original intent of the American Experiment than any candidate in recent history.

Remember in the days before the passing of ObamaCare when Fox News and the Republican Establishment were encouranging the TeaParty and free market rhetoric?

Now that it is king-making time in the Republican Party, the powers that be have turned full forces against the voices of freedom.

The Democrats play the same game. They launched forth with that bizarre Occupy Wall Street Movement in an off season. They will throw OWS throw it under the bus during the election.

The Dick Morris video shows conclusively that the Republican Party IS NOT a party for freedom. They encourage freedom rhetoric when they are out of power and turn against freedom when they are in power. The modern right is as dialectical and Hegelian as the left.

Mitt Romney will not overturn ObamaCare. At best we will see the corrupt health care exchanges moved from Federal control to State control.

The Tea Party was wrong to put its faith in the Republican Party, for the Republican Party will always sell out freedom when it gets a whiff of power.


Frank Staheli said...

It's not just the republicans, though. It's that the Establishment has control of both parties. They'll act like crabs in a pot in both parties, pulling anyone else back into the pot who tries to climb out of their self-imposed mediocrity.

zarkinfrood said...

It is amazing how quick they went from Ron Paul being irrelevant to being the most dangerous man, even more so than Obama.

It is easy to see why these people act like they do when you follow the money back up the pipeline