Friday, December 16, 2011

My Take on Candidates

Ron Paul is the only candidate in the field who has a clear vision of where America should be. The problem is that he does not have a plan for getting us from here to there. 

You can not free people who've been raised as slaves.  The left would hit hard and heavily with loud OWS style diversionary protests, while Paul flounders in conveying the vision of freedom to the people.

Mitt Romney, like Barack Obama, is an organization man. Just as his daddy installed Mitt in influential jobs, I see Mitt installing his cohorts in key political positions ... and we will end up with ObamaCare run by corrupt Republicans instead of ObamaCare run by corrupt Democrats.

A vote for Romney is a vote for the health care exchanges, which the establishment Republicans will force down our gullets while they actively suppress debate.

I had really big hopes for Michele Bachmann, but so far she's come up one "L" short in all the debates.

I fear that Ms. Bachmann has spent too much time attacking Obama and not enough time developing ideas. Ms. Bachmann would probably be a front runner if she came up with bold ideas like Herman Cain did. Instead, all we see are negative attacks.

Much as I dislike Obama's policies, I really hate when people attack the President of the United on a personal level.

Oddly, I am reluctantly falling into the position that the technocrat Newt Gingrich will be the best president.

Oddly, the reason I think Gingrich would do well as a president is that he seems to have the ability to see issues from different sides ... a trait one wants in a president.

Overall, though, I don't see any of the candidates putting America back on the road to freedom.

Of course the only real way to get back on that road would be for patriotic Americans to put the nation back on track.

If there was a strong idea-backed pro-freedom movement in the upcoming years, Gingrich is the one most likely to act on the ideas. The organization man Romney is the least likely to respond to ideas.

So, I am reluctantly putting Gingrich on the top of my Christmas list ... although, deep down in side, the debate left me feeling that the Republicans are coming out with too little, too late. I don't see any of the candidates putting America back onto the track of freedom and prosperity.

Of course, that is not the job of the president. Restoring America is the job of the people. I just hope the Republicans avoid the mistake of nominating a president who will block the path to restoration.

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