Sunday, December 18, 2011

Center For Health Transformation

I just visited Gingrich's Center for Health Transformation and I suddenly feel like puking.

It is all the same technocratic that is in Obamacare.

Technology evolves on its own. We don't need a top heavy government to impose technological solutions on the American people.

What we need is a system that is built around the individual, then the technology is more likely to evolve in a way that enhances the patients lives.

The primary problem that the health freedom movement faces is that establishment Republicans want a top heavy technocratic solution.

Of course, the one and only way to restore health freedom would be for patriots to start talking about health freedom.

I wish I could find a group interested in health freedom.

All of the Republican Groups I know from the Sutherland Institute to the Center of Health Transformation are dedicated to top down health care.

Ron Paul is pretty much the only voice that health care starts with individual humans. What we need is health care reform that builds from the individual person upwards ... not from the ruling class downward.

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