Friday, August 27, 2010

Visa Violations and Deportation

The visa system is a program that helps people travel around the world. A visa is a contract made between an individual and state that outlines the form of a stay. Visas tend to have an entry date and duration that sets an exit date.

It is good practice to have some leeway in enforcing exit dates on visas. However, there is no reason for us to incur brain damage about deporting people who overstayed a visa.

The people who are traveling on visa are in the process of traveling. We are not uprooting people who violate the conditions of visas since their agreement says that they are in the process of traveling.

This game where the shrill left projects racism and oppression on the system that allows greater mobility is absurd. Deporting a person for a visa violation is not the case of the punishment not fitting the crime, it is simply the fulfillment of a contract.

Without a visa system, every single border crossing must be treated as if the traveler is emigrating.

BTW, if the left really strongly believes the visa system is wrong, then we should change the visa laws. But we need to quit this game where the enforcement of visa is framed as an act of oppression.

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Anonymous said...

Hello good point = bottom line, obey the law and you'll be fine.