Thursday, August 26, 2010

Call for Entrepreneurs

I'd love to see the Medical Savings and Loan made a reality.

Right now happens to be one of those rare moments in history where people are looking to restore a free market.

The mathematics behind the Medical Savings and Loan is solid. The business model is strong. It has substantially less risk for the entrepreneur than insurance.

States seeking to nullify Obamacare are actively seeking alternative health care models to help justify nullification.

All the program needs is a few entrepreneurs with business connections who want to make a significant improvement in their community by helping people take control of their health care expenses.

To start a Medical Savings and Loan, one would need about 3000 working adults who are interested in self-financing their health care. A group with a score of small businesses would have about the right number of policy holders.

The Medicals Savings and Loan would replace costly insurance. A small business that goes this route is likely to see a 10% to 20% drop in the cost of health care. I imagine that there are companies that would like to see a reduction in their expenses.

Once the business model proves out, I suspect that millions will drop their insurance policies in favor of the Medical Savings and Loan.

In the last post, I brought up the point that a system of accounts distributed across multiple businesses would be more secure than a single monolythic company.

At this point, I am thinking more in terms of creating a network of businesses than in creating a single business. A network avoids the problem of a single point of failure.

What I want is a system where independent businesses franchise the term "Medical Savings and Loan."

Right now the Medical Savings and Loan is a golden opportunity looking for entrepreneurs. Sadly, my two years of blogging and tweeting on the issue has failed to result in a single contact.

If there is a entrepreneur living in a state seeking to nullify Obamacare and who could drum up a few businesses (about 3000 policy holders), I would love to hear from them.

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