Sunday, August 01, 2010

Progressives and the Neo Colonization of America

Back when I was a starry-eyed progressive, my professors spoke glowingly of the desire to use immigration to fundamentally change America.

Progressives saw free public school education as a primary draw for illegal immigration. Openly encouraging illegal immigration is a big plus for schools. Public schools get upward to $100,000 for each child in their clutches (If you spend an average of $10k per year per child for K-12 education, that's over $100k.)

The greatest thing about supporting illegal immigration is that it lets the groups benefiting from the human trade to beam with self-righteousness.

The left makes so much money from the human trade that shipping a few hundred people to protest in Arizona is but an incidental expense.

I love immigrants and in the international community in America. Yet, I hate watching our elite political class exploit and use people for financial and political gains.

Recalling my experience with the progressive professoriat that sought to radically change America by encouraging illegal immigration. Really negative experiences with the power structure of the public schools and now this crazy game where a president campaigning for fundamental change openly thwarts enforcement of immigration laws, I can't help but wonder if the left is engaged in an effort of neo-colonization.

The classical thinker learned that any virtue pushed to excess is a vice. When immigration is driven by free people seeking to better their lot, one creates a positive feedback mechanism that improves the quality of life for all.

However, when immigration is driven by a political elite for political ends, the virtuous immigration degenerates into a vice. People trafficked about for the benefit of an empowered elite is colonization and is the antithesis of the American Way.

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