Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rocket Stove

I am suffering wealth envy. I was checking out the Grover Rocket Stove on Stock Storage, and now I want one.

The primary reason I want a rocket stove is for the garden. Each year, the garden produces a large amount of twigs and fibers that I can't efficiently mulch; So, I toss it in the garbage. With a rocket stove, I could burn that waste to boil water for my morning cup of tea.

The oven attachment would be a cool addition. I could bake bread.

The rocket stove is $125, and oven attachment $110. The site has the scoop on building one's own stove. (more)

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y-intercept said...

FWIW, I ended up buying a StoveTec stove for a birthday present. The price was just under $60 with shipping. That's on the outer end of what I like to spend on presents, but I intend to play with the stove for a month before giving it away.

For myself, I am eying the BioLite stove that is currently in development. This stove will include a fan and should drop emissions even further. BioLite hopes to start selling stoves in 2011.