Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking the Cycle

The last post spoke about the symbiotic relation between big law, big insurance and big politics.

There are many different ways one can proceed from that post.

The radical left is interested in engineering fundamental change. As such, they are dedicated to perpetuating the cycle. They attack insurance companies but oddly end up creating political structures which feed even more wealth and power into insurance.

The reactionary right, of course, argues on behalf of big insurance against big law ... getting all sorts of contributions in payment for the effort.

The people on the outside of the system get squished.

The people who wish to maintain their freedom must find a different path from the radical left and reactionary right.

My solution to the problem of Big Insurance is the Medical Savings and Loan.

I am completely distraught. The left/right dichotomy, which dominates politics, has completely shut out the discussion of real solutions.

The Republicans that are ascending in reaction to Obama seem poised to argue for big insurance and not for a solution.

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