Friday, August 01, 2008

Tired of Politics

I am tired of all of the negativity in politics. For example, Obama said that people will vote for McCain because he looks more like the people on American currency than Obama.

It took me a moment to figure out what Obama was saying.

Then I realized that all of the people depicted on American currency were dead.

Judging from looks, McCain appears closer to being dead than Obama.

Anyway, I was shocked by Obama's blatant use of agism.

Speaking of negativity and naysayers ...

I had a plan to solve the energy crisis.

My plan was to turn zucchini into bio-diesel.

Zucchini seems to grow like a weed and seems to be able to grow in all sorts of different climates.

When I wrote up my proposal, the powers that be just said no. It seems that there are environmentalists who are ideologically opposed to zucclear energy.

They wouldn't even let me try my idea. Something about a zucclear test ban.

Others claimed my "bio-diesel from zucchini" plan was just a ruse in a fiendish plot to raise weapons grade zucchinis.

They pointed to the people who seem to plant a few zucchinis every year then dump bussels of zucchinis on the neighbors. They said that before anyone else plants zucchini, I had to solve the zucclear waste issue.

While politics gets more bitter, all of my good ideas get passed by.


Anonymous said...

That's because you didn't toe tap with them.

Scott Hinrichs said...

Thanks for the smiles. I'll never look at my cash the same way. And I'm in favor of cleaning up zucclear waste. I hate those zucchini doorbell ditchers.