Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homes as Slot Machines

Honestly, I tried to listen to the DNC. I went to the TV, there was a idiot named Warner lamenting about how, because of the Great Satan George W. Bush, Americans no longer see their home as a safe investment.

First of all, seeing anything as a safe investment is stupid. Investment entails risk.

Anyway, the people who understand what an investment is and who invested in their home are sitting pretty in homes that have been and will continue to be a good investment.

The problem is with the myriad of people who see their home as a slot machine. People who see their home as a slot machine have artificially driven up prices. Just like the chattle that pulls the levers of the one-armed-bandits in Vegas, people who see their home as a slot machine tend to lose.

The Warner-bot then spouted a bunch of rhetoric about failure. "Failure" appears to be one of the Democrat's favorite words. They love accusing people of failure.

Speaking of failure, I was wondering why Warner failed to lay any blame for the housing problem on the public schools. Public schools systematically fail to teach students the simple financial knowledge they need to be able to own and keep a home.

Of course the formula of the left is simple. You denounce something as a failure. You pass tax and spend laws to solve the failure and feast on the income redistribution.

Anyway, I tried listening to the DNC. Most of it is just people trying to find ways to drive wedges in our society on their rise to power.

Conventions aren't a format where people authetically discuss and resolve issues. It is a place where central authorities issue talking points and test the effectiveness of their rhetoric.

I think I will spend the evening doing something else.

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Tom said...

This is one of the phrases that has gotten so many Americans into trouble. Repeat after me: "Your home is NOT an investment."

Yes, there are some exceptions, but an *investment* is something you spend money on with the expectation of making more money in the future. (Which means if you consider your home an investment, you must also be planning on selling it.) For many of us, our home is a place where we plan on staying for most of forever.