Friday, August 22, 2008

Linking Bridges

Bridge MoverI've been doing silly things. I took a few shots of the 3300 South bridge moving. I can link these pictures to the ones I took of the 4500 South and 1300 South bridges.

I've noticed that I am pretty much the only person who links to my Community Directories; so, to create some inbound links, I decided to make a stock page. Companies that trade on the market must file quarterly reports. That means that following the local stock market is a great way to learn about the local community.

I've started making a page of stocks of importance to a community. Since big companies usually have their headquarters in big cities, I suspect that this project will only work for Salt Lake and Denver. I am intentionally going slow on this project. I will gradually add stocks over the next several months.

The reason I am going slow on the project is that Google seems to penalize web sites when they add a bunch of web pages in a massive update. Google seems to be kinder to web projects that role out over a period of time.

To test this hypothesis. I dropped a Golden Can integration on the site A Fountain of Bargains. My guess is that Google will balk at the appearance of a large database on the aFOB site but will treat the gradual appearance of data on the stock project as an organic process.

In other words, I think that search engines tend to be kinder to web sites that are designed as a long term process with a steady flow of updates than ones than to web sites that get updated in versions.

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