Thursday, April 19, 2007

Philosophia - Beautiful Ideas

Philsophia by The Guggenheim Grotto is the iTunes Song of the Week. (Click the button to load iTunes):

The Guggenheim Grotto - Philosophia - Single of the Week

The song has a really nice, calm, beautiful sound. On listening to the song, I find myself extremely disappointed with how mean and nasty the lyrics are.

It is sad. The world of ideas is consistently portrayed by popular culture in a negative light.

The basic gist of the song is that the beautiful ideas of youth are somehow absolutist.

Yes, there are some ideas that are absolutist. Quite frankly, I have never found such ideas beautiful. Absolutist ideas are only deceptively beautiful.

I would say, however, that most of the truly beautiful ideas classical tradition are beautiful because they are open minded. A truly beautiful idea empowers the people around us and enhances our society.

What the nihilist does is project absolutism on his opponents, then rejects all words from the opponent as absolutist. Nihilism is the ultimate absolutism. Nihilism appears clever because it is paradoxical.

If you are a youth; download the song and enjoy, but ignore the call to give up on beautiful ideas. A youthful mind empty of beautiful ideas is a great waste.

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