Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I finally gave up on HTML Strict and fell back to HTML transitional. I really want to support the standards movement, unfortunately, the standards movement is off in its own separate universe and fails to give the web designing world what it needs.

IMHO, depricating the center tag was totally uncalled for. Centering text and objects is the fastest and easiest way to balance a web page. This is especially important since you don't know the size of the page on which an object gets displayed.

W3 probably saw the deprication of the ability to center objects as some great statement in their battle to separate content from presentation. Of course, while they got rid of the ability to align text, they require the width and height attributes for images. This means that you have to define the presentation of an images with a mix of attributes. So you have to define a imag as: width="100" height="50" style="margin: 0px auto 0px". If defining format is so all super critical why not go all the way and have you define it all in the style tag?

Anyway, I gave up on HTML strict so that I can use iFrames. The pages on the community directories (e.g. Grand Junction) have a Dex Ad at the bottom of the page. The ad is 5KB in length. The page itself is only 6KB. I figure I can reduce the load on the server by putting the ad in an iframe. HTML strict does not support the iFrame Tag. I had been tempted to place all ads in iFrames.

I imagine the browser makers and standard setters sitting in ivory towers battling over petty details of tags, while the population at large is the victim of their arrogance.

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