Monday, April 02, 2007

If We All Held Still

Shhh, don't move.

If we all held still, perhaps we could stop the world from changing.

A group named "Physicians for Utah" is pushing for lower speed limits and more Trax style mass transit (despite the fact that we would need more generating capacity for more electic trains.) Environmental indignation should get people to move slower.

The Supreme Court just passed a silly rule that we need to regulate CO2 separately. Every single molecule of carbon that gets pumped or mined from the ground goes from the state of being subterranean to surface pollutant. I agree with previous environmental efforts that saw pushing fuel efficiency has been and continues to be the best direction for decreasing greenhouse gasses. We need conservation, not regulation.

A young Utahn named Schreiner is so full of hatred that it appears that he is going insane. The Democratic Party's concerted effort to gain power through hatred of Bush alone is really messing people up. I remember how much I hated Reagan. Notice in this post how Schreiner takes a statement that Cache Valley had their worst inversion ever to a broader statement that Utah had the worst inversion ever. Cache Valley's problem is that a very large number of people have moved into a valley that cannot handle its current population. I understand that much of the increased population is from immigration of the illegal variety. Logan has a very severe local pollution problem. This problem was noted from the days of the first trappers in the region who found out that they had to live with the same air all winter. It is one of the rare cases where the air pollution problem is local. Their current problems aren't driven by more intensive industries, but by shear population.

On a positive front, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on her way to Syria. After all, we* and Syria share a common enemy ... President George Bush. With the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, an alliance of the Democratic Party, Syria, Iran and Venezuela makes since.

*I put an apostrophe next to "we" as "we" is a weird word. The term "we" refers to the Democratic Party and those further left. People who are not part of that group belong to a group called "you" or "them." It is simple to remember: "We" refers to the peoples. Remember, there "i" in "we." It just so happens that I am not part of "we."

I know, in classical grammar, the first person singular was considered part of the first person plural. In new speak you will see articles spouting "we" "we" "we." But you have to know that in lefty speak "we" is not an inclusive "we." There is generally a political judgment placed on the inclusion of the we.

I dislike a great deal of what George Bush has done. I hate that Bush has not made more efforts on the diplomatic front, but I am seeing more and more of the wisdom of the structure of the Constitution that put foreign negotiation power in the hands of the executive. The problem is that Pelosi's primary political enemy is George Bush. When you start having the party leaders run off to negotiate separately with hostile enemies of the United States, you can't help but wonder who the "we" is.

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Anonymous said...

The Ghost of Alma Matherson

I ran across Alma years ago, and was fascinated by the concept: people in power with a ideology that doesn't fit the world, creating a world that fits their ideology. Where being "bad" is immediately punished, where a the world functions according to a rigid moral order.

The scientific method brought man out of the dark ages, making reason and experimentation alternatives to dogma. But what happens in a "world" where that doesn't work? Where dogma has stacked the deck, and rewritten the laws of the universe to match Moses or Marx?

I'd still like to find out. Finish the book, already.

- Caipora