Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Apologies

I owe someone on the internet a super big apology.

Here's what happened: I put a comment program on the site Roots of Sound Rational Thinking. The comment section sent an email notification for responses to a comment. To make a long story short. Someone hit the comment page with 180,000 spam comments; which potentially sent 180,000 comment notifications. I actually don't know if the program sent notifications.

The person who owns the site was so upset about the comment spam attack that I deleted the 180,000 spam comments before analyzing the data. It is possible that no email notifications were sent. It is also possible that thousands were sent. I had left comments on the site, and received no comment notifications.

I had several safeguards on the email notification program to prevent comment spam. Of course, I also had tricks in place to prevent comment spam. The spammer broke the first lines of defense and deposited 180,000 spam comments. There is no reason why I should think that he did not also break the second allowing the comments to send comment notifications.

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