Saturday, June 24, 2006

Waste of a Day

I wasted the day diddling away on stupid ecommerce stuff. One of the primary advertisers (Commission Junction) for my community sites launched a silly initiate where all of the publishers in their network are supposed to replace HTML links with JavaScript links. (Scott Jangro has some good information on this change.)

The reason for this change is that ValueClick (the owner of CJ) has a pipe dream of building a massive data warehouse with consumer shopping data that they intend to use to manipulate consumer shopping decisions.

They want me to put tracking codes on my site that they will use to undermine my site.

Very bizarre.

There are some nice merchants in the CJ network that I like. For example, I like Questia. This is an online library with several hundred thousand articles and books. They have many texts that are extremely hard to find, as well as new articles from scholarly journals that, again, are difficult to find.

Also, while updating the links, I took the opportunity to make several older pages in the system DHTML Strict compliant. Perhaps if the pages are DHTML Strict, the search engines might send me more traffic.

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