Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Utah Bloggers Conference

Utah Bloggers ConferenceLast night I attended the first every Utah Bloggers Conference hosted by This event featured free pizza, a t-shirt, an interesting panel and conversation. I generally avoid bringing my camera to meetings as I see bloggers with cameras one of the great annoyances of the modern. However, I figure that this, being an event about blogging, not only deserved a little photography, it demanded it.

Bloggers PanelUnfortunately, I had the F-Stop set wrong, and only got a few decent shots. Flowers don't move around of their own volition, and make better subjects.

Anyway, the meeting was organized by Ryan Money had a distinguished panel that included Cydni Tetro, Phil Burns, Phil Windley, Tim Stay, and Utah's next Senator Pete Ashdown.

Meetings like this are great because it inspires people to run home and pen articles about the local community with links to all of the people that they met at the meeting. The links give voice to those people involved in the community. Super cool.

Speaking of the local community, I just added a pile of entries to the Salt Lake blogs category. These entries pushed the site over the 5000 link mark!

South Towne Exposition CenterAfter the blogger conference, the night was young and the light perfect, so I visited the South Towne Exposition Center and Jordan Commons for a little late night photography.

After taking and processing the pictures, I discovered, to my dismay, that the FTP server at my web host was hosed. Ggggrrrr. Instead of getting the pictures up on the day of the conference, I had to wait a day to get the friggin FTP problem worked out.

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Anonymous said...

I was really glad to see just how many UT bloggers were willing to turn out. Nice event.