Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Send the FLDS to Boston

I was reading all of the nasty hate filled blog posts being written by progressives in response to the Marriage Protection Amendment. The Marriage Protection Amendment is being portrayed as a hate filled piece of legislation. This legislation is on the table because Activist judges in Massachusetts are skirting have decided to skirt the democratic process by drafting social legislation from the court bench.

Since we apparently are now living in a world where the democratic process is completely ignored by Activist Judges and we are reduced to a state of action/reaction, I was thinking that right should start playing by the same rules as the left. Rather than wasting energy trying to develop a framework where people can discuss the meaning of marriage (which is what the proposed Amendment was aiming to do), the right needs to manufacture events that cause action and reaction.

Here is my plan: The State of Utah should use its $70 million surplus to buy up some land in Massachusetts suitable for an enclave. We should then eminent domain Hildale, Utah. IMHO, Social engineering is sufficient justification for eminent domain. We could then put all of the FLDS on a bus and ship them to their happy new enclave in the the Bay State. I am sure that Mitt Romney would love the company. Most important, the establishment of a large polygamous enclave in Massachusetts would answer the one question that has been puzzling me: Does the Activist Court decision on Same Sex Marriage automatically extend to polygamy and all other living arrangements that people can dream up?

The best part of my plan is that we could then use Hildale as a state park. It looks like a really cool place with big cliffs and canyons to explore. Right now, when you stop in the area to take pictures, scary local people chase you away.

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